There are many reasons to commute by bike, but sometimes the route is too long for the bicycle to be practical. An e-bike can turn an hour commute into a 30 minute trip. Plan an all day trip on an e-bike and have enough energy left to do it again the next day. Climb places you might not explore on your regular bike. Don’t let your age or abilities limit you from riding with the ones you like. Ride like you used to with help from a pedal-assist bike.

We carry mid drive (Crank Set) motor electric bikes from Del Sol and Norco. We also carry GRIN ebike solutions for converting your favorite bike to an Ebike. Our store has a heavy focus on e-bikes, with expert mechanical and service experience to help you select the Ebike that is right for you.

Haro Double Peak

Haro Double Peak The Double Peak i/O is made of Proprietary X6 alloy and sports distinctively smooth and flowy lines designed to lower stand over height and center of gravity. In addition , it includes proprietary SpeedStays for outstanding handling and performance. It comes with a semi complete Deore 10 speed 1X drive train and is powered by both you […]

Norco VLT

Norco VLT The all-new Norco VLT opens up a world of possibilities. Go farther, get there faster, or simply rediscover the joy of cycling as the intuitive and reliable Bosch e-bike system provides just the right amount of pedal assistance in any situation.  

Del Sol LXI I/O

Del Sol LXI I/O New for 2018, the LXI i/O brings the future to you. Featuring Shimano’s renowned STePS center-drive eBike system, and built around Del Sol’s proven upright comfort geometry, the i/O is the ultimate in pedal-assisted convenience.

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